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25 yrs. of CFS, fibromyalgia, allergies, relief!
By Joanne Pharo

In 1977, after giving birth to our twin girls, I was so very tired. Seemed natural to be at the time, except it never went away. It was the beginning of 25 years of chronic fatigue syndrome, (which didnít ďexistĒ at that time) and that wasnít all. Within a short period of time, I developed severe allergies;food,inhalants, chemicals,odors,and drug sensitivities. Asthma, hypothermia-fevers, panic attacks, major mood swings, and of course; depression. Over the years, Iíve also had blood poison a few times, as well as cellulitis, breast cancer, and fibromyalgia. Of course, all of these things have their own variety of symptoms as well. Doctors,tests, medicines,alternative therapies,diets, and supplements were many and costly. Some helped, most didnít. Few helped very much or for long. We even moved a few times trying to get away from mold, and other major allergens, which so stressed my body, it would trigger the CFS, leaving me incapacitated. I would be in bed or on the couch, in such a fog and pain, days on end, not even being able to concentrate to read or watch TV. So desiring to sleep, yet often not able to even doze off. It was a major effort just to get a shower each day, totally wearing me out. Eventually I was able to find ways to keep certain stresses from triggering a lot of symptoms. Some stresses are totally unavoidable; weather changes, or hormone changes, etc. It sure is a tight rope walk, and balance is easily lost.

This past year, my pain and weakness in my limbs, was getting worse. I discovered that CFS was nearly identical to post-polio syndrome, which eventually can disable a person to the point of a wheelchair, if they donít strictly reserve energy. Both conditions also can show damage to the reticular area of the brain, which explains why multi-system failure happens. I reluctantly gave in and received a handicapped parking placard (the beginning of July 2002), so as not to use up my energy in a parking lot, on days I was able to venture out at all.

By Godís grace only have I survived all of this, with family and friends support. Only by His grace did I discover noni juice from French Polynesia the end of July 2002! I started drinking only a tiny amount, since I was so allergic to many things, including many fruit acids. But praise be to God, I wasnít allergic! So I went up to 2 ounces 3 times a day fairly quickly. Within 3 weeks-all pain and weakness in my limbs was gone! My energy, clarity of mind, and excitement for life just sky rocketed! I was even sleeping much better.

By the end of 1 month, I realized my G.E.R.D. (gastro esophageal reflux disease) was gone, and after years of expensive daily prescribed medicine;no longer needed. For about 9 years I also used nystatin for candida, which made my tongue white, and often with inflamed, red welts, making my tongue very sore, especially when mold is high. Disappeared! Allergies are getting better, and using less medicine for that, as well as asthma is so much better. I have found on high stress days, (allergy, weather, etc.) I will put 1/4 ounce of juice under my tongue every hour or so. It really helps tremendously to get me through those times, so stress won't trigger a CFS or fibromyalgia episode.

This juice has also done wonders for my Dad. He has suffered with headaches for 50 years. They are the kind that make him feel anxious and nervous. Since heís been drinking noni juice, from Tahiti, he said heís had whole weeks go by without a headache at all! I asked, "when was the last time he could remember having no headache?" He replied, ďItís been 50 years!Ē Heís nearly 82, and somehow, I donít think heís going to be giving up his noni!

I canít recommend noni juice enough. It has been such a wonderful answer to many peoples prayers. Our Creator knew just what our bodies needed, and He gave us noni fruit. To Him be the glory! This juice has truly changed every area of my life. ďI pray that in all respects you may prosper and be in good health, just as your soul prospers.Ē 3Jn.2
Joanne in Franklin, TN.

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